Sick and Tired of Busting Your Butt and Not
Getting Any Closer to Financial Freedom?
This Video Could Change Your Life!


If you are a general dentist tired of working too many hours for too little money, if you hate the huge bite PPOs take out of your income, if you know in your heart you could be helping more of your patients achieve optimal health, then this could be the best discovery you’ve ever come across for your practice and your lifestyle.

You’re about to learn

  1. How to dump your worst PPOs without losing all your patients
  2. Why “Never be your patients’ bank” was some of the worst advice ever
  3. The truth about the value and accuracy of pulling credit checks on your patients
  4. How the “Immersion Method” will save you time, and money, while increasing your revenue
  5. Stephen Covey’s solution to working too hard without achieving desired results
  6. How to add $250,000/ year in treatment you’re currently overlooking on existing patients
  7. The “Torch” Pete Dawson asked me to carry and how it will transform your patients’ lives

I realize that reducing your dependence on PPOs by 25%, helping more of your patients say YES to (and pay for) optimal care, adding $250,000 revenue even while working less may sound impossible to you right now… but many of my members are doing exactly that, and I’m going to show you the exact process they’re using to make that happen. 
Do you ever wake up feeling like your practice is a train wreck, and secretly, you just don’t want to do this anymore?
Do you start out every day wondering where the patients and money are going to come from?
Do you see other dentists making the kind of income you want, and you have no idea how they’re doing it?
Do you worry that you’re another year closer to when you should retire, but slipping further away from ever having a financially secure retirement?
Do you resent writing off 15%, 20%, or even more due to in-network PPO contracts, while your team wastes more time chasing claim denials than helping your patients? 
At the end of the month are there way more bills to pay than money in your bank account?
Are you spending too much time at the office, and precious little time with the ones you love the most? 
Are you working WAY too hard in your practice and feel like you’re burning yourself out?
Do you feel like there is an INVISIBLE CEILING ON YOUR INCOME? 
Do you secretly feel like you’re failing yourself and your family?
If any of that sounds like you, then I have good news for you. None of those things are the real problem. Those are just the symptoms.

The real problem is that you haven’t made the “Shifts.” And we’re going to talk about what those are in just a second.


Having reignited your passion for our profession you’ll jump out of bed every day anxious to experience the sheer joy of helping your patients transform their health and their lives.
You’ll realize that adding $200,000, $300,000, or more to your annual revenue is not only possible but easier than you’d ever imagined. As a result, you’ll be spending less time in your office and more time with those you love. 
You’ll be on the fast track to financial freedom. You’ll realize that your relationship with your patients is far more powerful than anything an insurance company can say or do.
You’ll be treating only the patients you want, when you want, and only if you choose. And you’ll be socking away far more than you need to achieve a level of wealth in retirement about which you’ve only dreamed. 
Before we go further, let me introduce myself, so you know who I am, and why the heck you should listen to me. My name is Dr. Tom Orent, aka “The Gems Guy.” For over 20 years I’ve been helping dentists gain patient acceptance of their very best complete care at fees reflecting the amazing value of service they deliver.

25 years ago I was a good dentist with a solid clinical background, the Dawson continuum, all of Bill Strupp’s courses, and I served for 6 years as an AACD Accreditation Examiner. I don’t tell you this to brag. Quite the contrary. I was a high-profile seemingly successful dentist, yet I could barely feed my family.

A million dollars in debt, divorced by my wife, I came within 3 days of losing my home and my practice. It was at that time I discovered my first shift… Within 2 short years, I turned my failing business into a highly profitable strictly fee-for-service practice.

By age 46 I was able to sell my practices and retire. Since then my passion, my mission, has been helping other dentists experience the joy of dentistry and life. Over the last 20 years, I’ve helped hundreds of dentists map out and travel their journey to financial freedom and a sense of deep professional and personal fulfillment.


So let me take a second and tell you how I discovered the 5 Shifts. During my 6 years as an Accreditation Examiner for the AACD and while attending the Dawson continuum, I got to know many of the most successful dentists in America.  They were not only highly skilled, professionally successful clinicians, they were financially successful as well.

I began to realize that there was a huge difference between dentists. While many continued to struggle, working hard but never able to catch up financially, others were achieving personal income levels from their practices that blew my mind. $500,000, ¾ of a million, and beyond.

I started to look at what those ultra-successful dentists were doing. I gradually realized there are 5 things the top-earning superstar dentists were doing that everyone else wasn’t. So I started incorporating those shifts into my practice, and immediately grew by $200,000 a year, and then $300,000 and more. I started sharing these with my members and they began achieving incredible results as well. So the bottom line is this...


There are 5 key shifts you must make to grow your revenue by $200,000 even $300,000, while you enjoy more freedom, spend more time with your family, and work less.

I’m going to walk you through all 5 of them right now.



The gurus say that if you terminate your PPO contracts, you’ll lose all your patients. That all patients care about is that you’re in-network with their plan. Pull out of network and your patients will leave you. It’s BULL!

Why is it critical that you begin to reduce your dependence on PPOs? Your costs are constantly going up. Staff cost. Supplies, equipment, lab. Meanwhile you’re bound by PPO contracts to deeply discount your fees. 15%... 20% or more. Worse, the PPOs keep reducing your “allowable” fees.

Your staff is constantly on the phone chasing claims arbitrarily downgraded or flat out denied for NO REASON at all. It’s part of the games the PPOs play to increase their bottom line at your expense. Your team members are left on hold 20 even 30 minutes. Then disconnected. Imagine if, instead, they invested that time helping your patients see the benefit of scheduling recommended care.

80% Overhead, 20% NET PROFIT=> 20% PPO Write-Offs => Dump Your PPOs and ADD 20% EXTRA PROFIT => DOUBLED YOUR PROFIT

One more reason you owe it to yourself to get out of PPOs? Do it right, and you could literally DOUBLE your net income. Let’s say the majority of your patients are in-network and you’re writing off an average of 20% of your fees. Imagine a year from now you’re strictly fee-for-service.

And EVEN IF you’re more comfortable leaving only HALF of your PPOs… a year from now you could still add an EXTRA 50% more net profit.

Contrary to popular belief, most of your patients care less about their insurance than you do. Delta and Blue Cross were killing me.  I was giving away 20% off my fees.

Delta was my worst PPO. So I pulled the plug on Delta. Then 8 months later I dumped Blue Cross. Thought I’d lose a lot of my patients. But more than 90% of them chose to stay and pay my full fees.

GET IT RIGHT and you can get out of just about any PPO, keep most of your patients, and get paid your full fees.

GET IT WRONG, and you will lose most of your patients.

I took over my father’s practice when he was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He had 11 chairs and was in-network with almost every plan.  He told me he was deeply in debt and had been unable to put a dime away for my mother.

In just 2 years I was able to dump 13 of his 15 PPOs creating a highly profitable practice to take care of my mom.

One of my members, Scott, practices in New York City, where the competition is fierce and the common thinking is, “If I leave a plan there are 100 dentists on my block who’ll be more than happy to take all of my patients.”

A year ago Scott was losing his shirt. He’s in his late 60’s. If he didn’t turn things around fast, he was headed for financial ruin.  He told me he recently calculated that in the last 10 years, he’d lost nearly 3 MILLION DOLLARS to PPO write-offs.

One-by-one he deployed my “Heart-to-Heart Honest Conversation” script. More than 80% of his patients were in-network with his plans. Although I recommend you dump just one PPO at a time, he used my strategy to withdraw from all of his plans at once!

Today Scott’s booked solid 3 weeks out. By following my 3-step strategy, he was able to keep most of his patients, is busier than ever, and is 100% fee-for-service.


Here’s the 2nd shift. You’ve been told never to be your patients' bank. It’s bull. For anything more than 2 or 3 payments, they recommend 3rd party financing. Worst advice ever.

Why is this so important?

  1. Cuz you’ve got patients who want your care, but just couldn’t manage the amount of the 2 or 3 payments your team member offered. Yes, of course you’ll try outside financing… but you already know that 50% will be turned down. Good patients who want your care, walking out your front door.

  2. You’ll instantly add from $100,000 to $200,000 annual revenue. Between my 2 practices, I added an extra $400,000 revenue per year by in-house long-term financing. Heck,  If you chose just 2 patients per week… even at just $1,500 each, you’ve just made 2 patients happy and added an extra $150,000 per year per doctor.

  3. It’s important because it will help you decrease your dependence on PPOs. The more money you make, the more confident you can be each time you dump a PPO. When you live in financial abundance, you make better decisions.

Credit Sores Can Result in False Positives and False Negatives

Another false belief is that if you do finance,  you should pull a credit check. Of $400,000 of in-house financing per year, we lost less than 2.4% to bad debt, and never pulled a single credit score!

Credit scores can result in false positives and false negatives. There are people with bad credit who’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you get your money. And, there are people with great credit who’ll screw you.

I have a coaching member, Frank, a GP on Long Island. He treated a local attorney who ended up owing him nearly $8,000 and claimed he had no money. One day he drove by the attorney’s house and saw that he was installing a massive in-ground swimming pool. Frank said, “I drove by this jerk’s house and saw my implants in his backyard!”

In-house long-term financing is easy. It’s fast. And you’re helping patients who want your care. And you can make a BOATLOAD of money in the process.

Nobody to call, no credit check or application. You book your patient’s appointment, and take care of financing in a matter of minutes..


Your RoadMap to Financial Freedom

Now for the 3rd shift, my “secret weapon.” Traditional thinking says adding multiple 6 figures to your revenue requires massive action. It’s a lie.

25 years ago that false belief helped me sink to a million dollars in debt, divorced by my wife. I came within 3 days of losing my practice and my home. I was paralyzed, believing it would take massive complex actions to turn things around. That weekend I stumbled across my “secret weapon.”

The Old Way
The OLD WAY was signing up for more clinical courses or buying a new piece of equipment. Maybe I could make more money if I learn how to do sleep dentistry, or sedation, or place my own implants. There’s nothing wrong with learning new techniques, as long as that’s not your strategy for improving your financial situation.

The OLD WAY is stressful and wastes a lot of time. You have a false sense of working toward your goals. But as Stephen Covey said, “If your ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step you take just gets you to the wrong place faster.”

Return to your office after a multi-day CE seminar bursting with excitement 
Convene a 4-hour meeting with your team to present what you’ve learned
Show them your list of the 27 new things you want them to do!
See their eyes glaze over as you review each of the 27 new strategies
To your face, they say “Yes, of course, we will do these things.”
When you leave the room they roll their eyes and say, “Give him 2 weeks and he’ll forget!”

We are all guilty of causing OVERWHELM. It DOES NOT WORK for two reasons. First, when faced with more to do than we can handle, we often do nothing. Paralysis. Second, and even more important is what Dr. Covey taught us. “If your ladder isn’t leaning against the right wall, every step you take just gets you to the wrong place faster.” 
The New Way
Model success
Copy the top 1% most successful dentists
Choose only ½ dozen strategies
(none of which require new clinical skills!)
Take your time
Deploy just 1 at a time
The New Way? You don't have to do a ton of new things, take more courses, or buy more equipment. The new way, the FASTEST most EFFECTIVE SHORTCUT  is to just copy what the top 1% most successful dentists are doing. Model success and do those things to use in your practice. Deploy just a few of those things and you'll do very well.
The “Secret Weapon.” The immersion method.

WHY use the immersion method? It’s easier and far less stressful than everything else you’ve been trying. Because there’s no overwhelm and you’re modeling simple strategies, the commonalities among the uber successful  dentists.

The Immersion Method allows you to “reposition your ladder” against the right wall. Because you are modeling success, you can be confident your efforts will propel you forward along your journey to professional and financial freedom.

GET IT WRONG, keep doing what you were doing and you’ll continue to work really hard only to become even more deeply dependent on PPOs, more disillusioned with dentistry, and less likely to ever be able to enjoy financial freedom. 

Reduce Your Dependence on PPOs by at Least 25%,
Help More of Your Patients Achieve Optimal Health,
and add $250,000 Annual Revenue…

Even While Working 1 Less Day per Week!

But when you GET IT RIGHT, MODEL SUCCESS and choose the right 6 strategies, even if you only deployed one every 2 months, in a year, by deploying just 6 10x Success Factors with an easy upside of $75,000 each, you’ve increased your revenue by nearly a HALF MILLION DOLLARS. GET IT RIGHT, and you can help more of your patients achieve optimal health, reduce your dependence on PPOs by at least 25%, and enjoy a massive increase in your net income even while working 1 less day per week.
Dr. Jill Smith already had a thriving downtown Boston practice. But when we first spoke, she told me she really just wanted to spend more time with her daughter. They share a love of horses. They are both equestrian eventers.  Jill told me that she wanted to increase revenue, spend less time at the office so she could have more time to ride with her daughter at events.

I helped Jill with the Immersion Method. We mapped out just a handful of 10x factors she was missing. During her first year as a Freedom Summit member, she accomplished both of her goals. She added nearly $400,000 revenue while working less.


At this point, we’ve discussed the 1st 3 shifts 

SHIFT #1 Dump Your Worst PPO

You can and should begin to slowly, systematically, get out of your worst plans. Keep your patients, and get paid a fair fee, your FULL fee, that reflects the high level of value you deliver.

SHIFT #2 Be Your Patients’ Bank!

Deployed with risk-mitigation factors in place, even if you helped just 2 patients each week who otherwise couldn’t accept your care, you’ll increase $150,000 or more.

SHIFT #3 Use The Secret Weapon. “The Immersion Method.”

Identify the 10X factors common to the top 1%  most successful dentists.  Choose the fastest, easiest to implement, focusing on ONLY ONE at a time. And take your time. 

Now let’s talk about how to add $250,000 in treatment your currently overlooking on your existing patients

4-Steps to Add $250,000 In Treatment You’re Currently Missing On Existing Patients

Many of Your Patients Will Accept and Pay for Best-Option Life-Transforming Care.

Traditional thinking is that only a handful of patients will accept best-option complete dentistry. That’s BULL!

Dentists often tell me they don’t consistently offer the very best possible dentistry to every patient. If you believe, as I do, that by restoring your patients to optimal health you can transform their lives, then offer your very best care to each and every patient… without consideration for their insurance, or your perception of their ability to afford or even want such care.

Why is it so important? First,  it’s the right thing to do! And if you GET IT WRONG, you’ll remain on the Hamster wheel running from room to room, doing 1 and 2 tooth dentistry, while continuing to write off hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to PPOs.

GET IT RIGHT, and even if you only add a single quadrant of your best dentistry each week, you’ll enjoy a QUARTER MILLION dollar jump in annual revenue… you’ll get to help more of your patients achieve optimal health while working less… and you’ll be in a far stronger position to reduce your dependence on managed care.

When 2 of my father’s 3 GPs were out sick for several weeks, he asked me to give him one day a week. His practice was in an economically depressed city in Central Massachusetts. One of his dental assistants told me that “their” patients would never accept my kind of care. “Their” patients would only do what insurance covered.

One of my patients that day was a 30-something-year-old line worker at the local factory. I performed his re-exam. I recommended and he accepted a quadrant.  4 units of crown & bridge in the upper right. He was the first of many patients in my father’s office to accept my recommendations for life-changing best-option complete dentistry.

My mission is to help you work less, do more of your best dentistry, get more enjoyment from your practice, and be FINANCIALLY FREE to retire when you choose, if you want to.

When Pete Dawson wrote the forward to one of my books, he wrote me a letter in which he said, “Tom, I’ve turned down just about every other request to write a forward so I’m really counting on you to carry the torch for quality… and help me to get more dentists to understand what they need to know about occlusion, TMJ, and complete dentistry.” He ended the letter with, “You’ll be a good missionary. Good luck- Pete”

I sold my practices at age 46 and was able to retire. But I want to give back.  I love helping other dentists experience the joy of transforming patients’ lives by offering and delivering the best dentistry we know how to offer. And nothing thrills me more than helping dentists achieve financial freedom and their dreams.


“Invest In Coaching, the Great Accelerator”

I’ve been very fortunate. Over 2 decades ago I managed to turn my practice and my life around. One of the most important shifts I made was investing in a coach. Dan Kennedy. I can directly identify many millions I’ve made as a direct result of investing several hundred thousand dollars in Dan as my business mentor.

The biggest mistake I made, the reason I struggled my first 15 years in practice, is that I tried to do it all on my own.

What would I do differently? I’d have sought out help from a coach much sooner.
Stop Trying to Do it All On Your Own 
Coaching Is the Great accelerator

Coaching is the great accelerator. Stop trying to do it all on your own. Invest in a coach who has walked the path you desire. Someone who has achieved the success you seek, and a coach who has helped others to experience those same levels of success and more.

If you want  to scale rapidly, invest in coaching. It’s about being committed to living the life of your dreams.

There’s no roadmap in dental school showing you how to scale your practice and your income. So any dentist who really wants to create financial freedom, and live the lifestyle most dentists will only dream of, is going to find the best person out there to help them get the results they want.

A Shift In Mindset and Accountability

Access to your mentor’s experience and resources is important. BUT… that’s really only half of the benefit of investing in coaching. The rest is internal. It comes from the commitment you make to yourself, your team, and your family. It comes from declaring “I’m all in! I’m going to succeed.”

A common question dentists ask me is how to get their team members to take ownership and initiate action.

I’m NO LONGER Willing to SETTLE!

Knowing you’re going to be on the phone every week with your coach creates accountability. It helps to keep you focused and moving toward your goals. And, with a great coach, you’ll get there much faster.

Write these 6 words down. “I’m NO LONGER willing to SETTLE!”

10 years ago I needed to lose 40 pounds. I had a gym membership.  I had access to more fitness equipment than I could possibly use. I had a close friend who was a nutritionist… so I got his course which taught me exactly how and what to eat. And yet there I was, 53 years old, still 212 pounds… and no solution in sight.

What You Want to Achieve Just Isn’t Possible!

The first personal trainer I spoke to asked me what I wanted to achieve. I told him I wanted to lose 40 pounds and the spare tire around my waist. He says, “Even with diet and exercise, at your age, you’re likely not going to be able to lose that.”

Needless to say, I didn’t hire the guy. Then I met MaryBeth. She told me it would take work, but that she believed I could accomplish my goals. She’s in her 50’s and is in amazing shape. She has been my trainer and advocate in health and fitness for the last 10 years. She trains Elizabeth and me at our home 2 or 3 times every week. Today, I’m 63 years old, 6’2”, and back to my high-school weight of 175 pounds.

THE most successful dentists all work with amazing coaches and mentors because they know it's a no-brainer. It’s the best step forward for them. We talked about it in the immersion method. Copy what the TOP most successful dentists do.

Coaching Is the Great Accelerator!

Invest in a mentor who has done it for his or herself, has done it for others, and who CARES enough about you to be your advocate. A mentor who won’t sugarcoat the truth.

You may wonder why I would invest so much in personal and business coaching. Because, I’ve found, coaching is the great accelerator. The more I’ve invested in business coaching the faster and higher my income has grown. The same with personal training. I’m physically stronger and in better shape today than at just about any point in my life. That would likely not be the case without Marybeth holding me accountable every week.

The Businesses with a One-On-One Coach, Grew Six Times Faster

One of my business mentors ran a test. He gave everyone in the study access to the same training materials. The only difference? The control group had only the training materials whereas the test group had one-on-one weekly coaching.

The control group grew their business revenue by 31%. A solid result. But the test group, those with access to the same training materials and weekly one-on-one coaching, grew on average by 181%... the group with coaching accelerated on average six times faster!

They Attribute Much of their Success to their Coaches

A great coach can help you grow beyond your own self-perceived limits.

Many famous people have relied upon coaches to take their lives or their businesses to the top of their fields.

During his career, Andre Agassi moved from the 126th-ranked tennis player to the number-one player in the world. He credits most of his success to his life coach.

Oprah Winfrey credits her life coach with helping her through the ups and downs, and she attributed much of her success to her life coach, Martha Beck.

Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google resisted the notion of hiring a coach. He and his company, Google, were already growing off the charts.  John Doerr, a venture capitalist, convinced Schmidt to get a coach. Schmidt says it was the best advice he ever got.

67 Years Old and Trapped

Life’s too Short. Tomorrow Isn’t Guaranteed

We all know someone who was perfectly healthy, and then the next moment everything changed. One Sunday morning I was headed back from lunch with a friend. I was traveling about 60 miles per hour when a car clipped my left rear quarter panel.

They had to remove the roof to get me out. I fractured 2 vertebrae, T12 and L1. I was lucky. I lived. Today, my spine is healed. Every morning when I awaken I’m thankful for another day. I love each and every day. And I live every day as if it could be the last. Tomorrow is never guaranteed.

STOP WAITING for tomorrow. Invest in a mentor, a coach… invest in YOURSELF. There will never be a better time for you to begin your journey to be the very best possible version of you.  Your loved ones deserve and are counting on the very best possible you.

Dump Your Worst PPO
Be Your Patients’ Bank!    
Use The Secret Weapon.
“The Immersion Method.”

Offer Only Your Best Care
Invest in Coaching    
You can either take the information I’ve given you, and you can forget all about it, you can keep on struggling to earn a living while PPOs rob you of 15% even 20% or more of your income, you can keep on allowing patients who said “YES” to your care but walked out without scheduling because they couldn’t afford it…
You can continue to overwhelm yourself and your team by trying to do too many of the wrong things all at once, while your ladder is positioned against the wrong wall… You can keep doing 1 and 2 tooth dentistry because that’s what my insurance will cover, you can keep grinding away and working your fingers to the bone…

Or, if you want to help your patients achieve the optimal health they deserve, if you want to perform more quadrant prosthetic dentistry, if you want to get paid your full fee… if you want to add $200,000, even $300,000 while working less… if that’s what you want, then here’s what I have for you.


My team and I have set aside some time in the next 48 hours to speak to you personally about how you can apply these ideas to your practice starting TODAY.

Whatever your biggest challenges are, we’ve seen them and we know how to overcome them.
We will get on the phone, for about an hour. And...

During your Breakthrough Strategy Session, we will work with you to craft a step-by-step game plan to hit your revenue goals, whether that’s to increase $200,000, $300,000, or more. We’ll come up with a plan to reduce your dependency on PPOs by at least 25%, and help your patients achieve optimal health, all while you are working 1 less day per week.

The cost? Absolutely FREE.

But… here’s the catch. The breakthrough strategy session is not for everybody. Here is who this is for...

  • You must be a General Dentist
  • You must be the owner of your practice
  • You must be in solo or small group private practice
  • You must have the desire to help your patients achieve optimal health

If that’s you, book a Breakthrough Strategy Session now!


We love giving back, and helping dentists achieve their goals and dreams

Plus, we know that you might want our help to transform your practice. If so, we can discuss it and see if it’s a good fit for both of us. If not, that’s fine too.

When you click the button, you will be taken to our calendar page. You’re going to see all of our available appointment times. Go ahead and grab whichever one works for you. After that, you’ll be taken to a really short application. It’s like 6 or 7 questions.

Fill it in really quickly. We’ll get on the call with you at the time you pick, and, I promise, it’s going to be the best hour you’ve ever spent working on your practice. We will speak with you very soon.

Book your appointment right now. During your complimentary Breakthrough Strategy Session, we’ll take a deep dive into your practice and help you to identify at least 6 of the biggest untapped revenue growth opportunities. Multiple six-figures you’re just leaving on the table right now.

We’ll create your custom RoadMap to professional and financial freedom. Whether you end up working with me or not, you can use your RoadMap to reach levels of income you’ve likely never imagined possible… while actually working less.

With or without me you’ll succeed. I can help you make the journey easier, and help you get you there faster.
Over the last 20 years, through the use of my “Secret Weapon,” “The Immersion Method,”  I’ve helped hundreds of dentists write their own custom “RoadMap to Financial Freedom.” Some were struggling when we met, others already had amazing practices.  When we met, Cindy, a general dentist in Ohio, was already doing 5 million dollars a year in one location. Cindy’s concern was that she was working way too many hours. She wanted to be able to work less but make even more money.

Within a year of working with me, Cindy grew over $1,000,000 to 6 million per year. 

Juan in Texas was at 8 million when we met. With TOBI, we wrote him a RoadMap and helped him to reposition his ladder against the right wall.

Juan grew $4,000,000 to hit 12 million annual revenue in under 2 years.

“When the Student Becomes the Teacher”
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